Fall of the tiny giant.

After the others had left the remaining adventurers regrouped and decided to continue to try to save Whisker. They sensed something was amiss due to the lack of a door along one wall and so Feral decided it would be best to break it down using a summoned giant crocodile. Feral, Ezra and Poweraid broke through the wall and were confronted by the half-dragon who took Whisker hostage. He came at them and began to take on the whole group after giving a mighty roar. As the group was fighting Whisker managed to break through the gag over his mouth and keeping him silent by using a shout spell which also broke through the wall. He then proceeded to cast cone of cold at everyone and managed to hit everyone but the half-dragon monk who jumped up in the air to avoid it. Feral ran over and began to burn through the chains binding Whisker and also began to help him in aiming a lighting bolt. Right before Whisker was freed from his chains or could release his lighting bolt Poweraid was able to stun the monk and he and Ezra proceeded to finish him off. At this point they had been confronted by the second sorcerer and an invisible creature but Whisker managed to bind and constrict both using the black tentacles he summoned. After this Feral teleported the group back to the Gnome town where they met up with Advarowen who was relieved to see Whisker alive and well. They spent some more time in the town buying many new items and Whisker made a dueling ring outside where he fought the other party members to prove his superiority and all came near death at least once. Then as they were walking Whisker and Ezra were approached by a strange little girl. She asked them if they would follow her to the crypt of her family to retrieve an artifact because the crypt itself had been overrun and told them not to use the artifact but to bring it to her. They agreed to help and so followed her and were attacked by a trio of ogres who had taken up residence near the crypt. They then battled their way through facing many different undead beasts ranging from skeletons to specters to mummies a bodak and even a vampire. They defeated each challenge even though Ezra fell under the vampire’s power and refused to go back into the dungeon. Then they came to a room where they saw a crown sitting upon a tomb and Whisker ran up and put it on his head. Just as he did this a big ghost swooped into the room and began demanding to know what Whisker had done. He explained that he was the guardian of the crypt and that the crown was cursed which Whisker had learned because he now had voices talking inside his head. They attempted to pull off the crown but it didn’t work and so the guardian just told them not to let “her” have it. Later they confronted the little girl and realized she was possessed. They then assumed the best course of action would be to kill her and so Whisker convinced Ezra to take his crowbar and beat the little girl to death and right as she was about to die the spirit left but Ezra couldn’t stop his final swing and she died. The group spent some more time in the town and met a fire elemental in the castle of the gnome king who asked them to help him fight some salamanders who had escaped his lord and captured his friend. The group agreed and so headed off to the stronghold. They dispatched the guards at the gate and as they entered were attack by salamanders who lay in waiting however the majority of these were disposed of by a cone of cold shot by Whisker however two escaped. The party followed one and found a jail cell with a bunch of gnomes and a jailor along with the escaping salamander. After killing the two Whisker released the gnomes while Feral searched the room and found a hand shaped imprint on the wall which revealed a secret room where the fire elemental was being held. Working together the group disabled the magical bonds holding the fire elemental but not before Ezra was caught by one of the beams himself. After wishing the fire elemental well they decided to rest within the jail cell. Whisker and Poweraid decided to take the first watch and ended up fighting multiple waves of enemies which Feral said he wanted in on. They did need to rest and so Feral teleported everyone but the sleeping Ezra out of the dungeon. This lead to Ezra being captured and tortured by the salamander nobles which they found out when they teleported back into the jail room. They left and surprised the salamanders waiting at the door and were taken back at the pyrohydra which had been released. They were able to defeat it and with that began to search for Ezra. They came across a room where some small fire elementals were being forced to mine for the salamanders and freed them after dispatching the flaming beasts. Now Feral remembered something and ran off while Whisker began to scry and found where Ezra was being held. Next Poweraid and Whisker began to search the dungeon for Ezra. However then they came face to face with the matron of the hatchery room. As they entered they attack and she retaliated with a fireball. Poweraid jumped into the air but Whisker couldn’t avoid it in time and was caught within the inferno. Already weary this was too much for the brave gnome and he was burned to death in the resulting explosion. Poweraid then took on the matron and was able to defeat it and its guards. Knowing he could not face the nobles alone Poweraid left to rest and think about what to do. While he was waiting he came upon a wandering ranger who called himself The Chad wandering with his dire wolverine Shk. The Chad agreed to help Poweraid in his quest. Together they returned and with a raging Shk leading the way tore through the door and into the room with the salamander nobles. The nobles attempted to shoot fireballs but all three jumped out of the way. Then one of them grabbed Ezra. They began to fight the group with their spears and were dealing heavy damage. This was not enough and they were still being worn down so one of them summoned a huge fire elemental for help. The salamanders were finished off in a short amount of time and Ezra was reunited with Poweraid. However the elemental was still there but it soon returned to its home plane. Ezra greeted the pair and learned of Whisker’s demise. He then insulted The Chad who proceeded to shoot him into unconsciousness and so Poweraid dragged him back to the city. There they met up with Advarowen and told her of Whisker’s death. She was greatly saddened by this and said she would start up a new life here in the city from Whisker’s Wares Wagon and would take care of his animals. The group said their goodbyes and so headed off to the Fiel desert. However the first town they came to was populated by a large number of human soldiers in addition to the gnoll inhabitants. They approached the human’s camp and learned their leader was a man by the name of Watermack and he was being commanded by general McArthur who had a camp in a city on the southern border of the Fiel desert. They also learned this was the Kuthnel army and attempted to gain access to Watermark’s tent but failed. Then they went to town where Poweraid jumped, Ezra gathered news about the capital and found a cute soldier who he spent the night with and The Chad waited. The Chad waited until nightfall and then began to attack the camp in an attempt to kill Watermack. This caused a huge commotion and eventually The Chad was forced to flee due to an overwhelming number of soldiers.



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