Mr. Explodey-Sword and the Apathy of Douchebaggery

After his attack on the wall Nikelflip ran off into the city and eventually found his way into the house of a pair of gnolls. He tried his best to convince them of his innocence but in the end he was found out and was apprehended by some guards who he then convinced to take him the the SouthWest wall. On their way there the sound of rocks being hurled into buildings began and the guards turned on Nikelflip. He dispatched them and ran off to help in the battle. In the meantime Poweraid plotted his escape. He heard the sounds of battle outside and found a way to loosen his chains. Then he told the guards that he needed to use the bathroom he broke out of his cell and ran into the street. There he met Ezra who was still without any weapons. They made their way to the city gates and, with the help of Poweraid, Ezra was able to recover his equipment. Ezra then helped to Poweraid in getting his stuff from the jailors where they also met a gnome prisoner. The gnome said that he was a wizard and he was willing to go with them. They ran off to join the battle. Meanwhile Bob attacked with the army. He charged the wall with the rest of the soldiers. Opening a hole in the wall he found a group of soldiers and began to command them. During the battle all of the group converged and the skirmish was one. The group then made their way up the wall and eventually they decided they should go to the barracks. Bob made his way in claiming to be a citizen and so was stuck in their room. The others found their own ways in. For Nikelflip this meant sneaking through the shadows and Hodrod, the wizard, used invisibility and teleportation to get the rest of the group in. Hotrod, Ezra and Poweraid fought some guards in the barracks. Meanwhile Nikelflip made his way to the room of the gnoll general and attacked. Though the general was wounded he was by no means done. They continued to fight but Nikelflip was becoming overwhelmed by the general and his guards. Then Bob came running in and managed to trap the general in a stone wall where shadow managed to drain him until he was dead. Nikelflip was almost killed in the battle but Bob managed to break out and so was able to heal him before his demise. Hotrod was finally able to hear the commotion on the top floor and teleported everyone out of the barracks and back to the prison. There they spent the night as the fighting continued. Bob was the first of the group to wake up in the morning. As he left the prison he saw only a few skirmishes in the streets and after asking a few guards for the whereabouts of captain falcon he made his way up to the general’s room once again. Falcon congratulated him on his victory and when he asked where he could get some more armor Falcon pointed him to the quartermaster. He found his way the quartermaster and was able to procure a suit of full plate. He then returned to the prison to find the other members of his party just waking up. They all then went up to see Captain Falcon who told them that they would have to wait a couple days for new orders and Bob finally received his notification stone. The group waited until their stones alerted them they were needed. They returned to Captain Falcon and he told them that he would need to stop a shipment of dwarven weapons en-route to the Talain capital. They agreed and so set off across the desert. They fought a giant scorpion while traveling and Poweraid and Bob were nearly killed. The rest of the trip was relatively uneventful and they eventually intercepted the dwarven caravan. They approached the dwarves and their leader, a large metal soldier of the 34th unit. The soldier said nothing but stared and instead they were approached by a gunner by the name of Glorm. They informed Glorm of what they needed. In response Glorm told them that they would need to assure the dwarves they wouldn’t be attacked signed by McArthur. The group agreed and set a point where they would meet up. The group headed back to where McArthur was located but found that the main army had moved up. Though McArthur couldn’t guarantee the safety of the dwarves he said that he would try his best to make sure they weren’t targeted. The group took his letter and made their way to the meeting point. The dwarves promised they would turn around with the letter but only if the group themselves signed a contract saying they wouldn’t fight the dwarves and that they would do everything in their power to stop any attack by the dwarves. The dwarves then left and at the end of the day Nikelflip and Ezra found themselves in a drunken brawl both facedown in the streets as they await the final battle for the capital.



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