Powdered Poweraid

The group return after just barley escaping the powerful magics of the lich underneath the castle via the dimensional stepping of Poweraid and returned to the temple Bob was a member of to ask the aid of the master of the order. However the master said that he was busy at the moment and the Bob should be more than capable of destroying the undead. With this the group returned to the castle to try their luck again. The reentered the secret tunnel and found the wall dropped by Bob to still be in place. Bob reshaped the stone to its original form and Poweraid lead the way in and called out to the lich that they would be the ones to kill him. In response the lich lifted its finger and shot a thin green ray. Nikleflip attempted to jump in the way of the spell to save Poweraid but both he and Poweraid were mere moments too slow and the beam connected. Poweraid felt a numbing feeling and the group watched in horror as the spell quickly finished and all that was left of Poweraid was a small pile of dust on the tunnel floor. After this they quickly backed off and told the lich they wouldn’t trouble him and ran off with Poweraid’s ashes. The party then made their way back to the town and paid to have Poweraid brought back to life at the temple. With Poweraid back among the living Nikleflip remembered the ashes of his nephew whom he wanted to meet. However as he opened the bag which was said to have held Whisker’s ashes they were no where to be seen. The group was confused by this discovery but after a while they calmed down and began to decide where they wanted to go from here. Their first decision was that after having both near-death and death experiences they would abandon the lich and leave him to his treasure. The gnoll noble was disappointed by this but the group didn’t mind. The group was not left without anything to do however as the stone given to the group given to Poweraid by General McArthur began to pulse as they left the building. They then made their way to the tents outside the town and eventually to McArthur’s own tent where they were lead in and introductions were made. Then after a short scuffle which resulted in Bob being carried out by guards the McArthur told them of what he needed them to do. He told them that they would be assisting in the capture of one of the pivotal towns on the way to the eventual capture of the Gnoll’s capital city. He told them that they would be scouting ahead of the main army and would help gather information on the defenses and where they should start the assault from. He next introduced them to the leader of the attack Captain Falcon. Falcon handed out stones to Nikleflip and Poweraid and told them that they would work much in the same fashion as the stones given by McArthur. The group now set out on the way towards the city to begin their mission. They approached the city and found the guards on high alert. They were forced to hand over their weapons and any other objects which they thought may be dangerous. Most of the group complied with these terms but Poweraid disagreed and attempted to outrun the guards. However as he was making his escape he got caught by a holding spell and was taken away to the city jail. Meanwhile the rest of the group gathered information. Nikleflip was the first to make his way out and went back to the army to tell them that from a structural standpoint the western wall seemed to be the best place to stage an attack from and in return was told that his stone would light up twenty minutes before the attack would take place and that he should do his best to cause as much damage as he could. Next came Bob who accidentally gave false information saying that the Southwest was the least guarded front. However as he came back Bob realized his folly and so left as fast as his camel could carry him. He made it back in time and was able to correct his information but decided to remain with the army as the time of the attack was growing close. Ezra meanwhile had given what information he found to the others and was in the city staying with some of the homeless of the city and Poweraid managed to convince the jail guard that he was a member of a Tala resistance force sent to take out those currently in power as well as attempted to attack his way out of the prison, fake a seizure, vomit and in the end had to be fascinated and put in chains to keep from hurting himself. Now as night fell Nikleflip saw his stone begin to plus and so snuck out so he could regain his weapon then snuck back in and went up the Northwestern wall. Then he silently moved his way up the wall and burst out of the shadows. He was able to stir up a significant amount of chaos and killed some guards before being forced to retreat into the shadows before the guards overwhelmed him. Now the army approaches and the battle will quickly unfold.



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