The Capture

Feral and Poweraid finished off their monks and before they made it to the master they decided to check on Whisker and Poket. However when they arrived a half dragon claiming to be the brother of Koth appeared out of a dimensional door with his two subordinates. They took Whisker and Poket before they could react and all Feral and Poweraid could do was keep pressing onwards. They found Do-Mah waiting for them and as Feral’s lion approached grease spewed out of the floor and his lion couldn’t keep its footing and fell. However Feral summoned another lion and it was able to pin the gnome to the ground. Before he died Do-Mah asked them to spare him and they knocked him out and brought him to the guards. They were given a reward but soon figured out they would need to question him to find the lair of Koth’s brother who the monk had said was his master. They met up with a necromancer who was walking through the town and with a bit of encouragement they were able to get him to join their cause in return for letting him raise the monks of the temple as his skeleton servants. Feral, Hades and the returned Ezra arrived with skeletons in tow, Poweraid decided to run somewhere while in the caves, and after many attempts to control the mind of Do-Mah they finally agreed to help him escape his cell. To help them with this they encountered an elf rogue who went by the alias Trip Skank 2011. They succeeded in the break out and Do-Mah told them his master’s temple with located in the Gilded Marshes. After learning this Do-Mah ran off and Feral gave chase on his summoned mount. Do-Mah stunned the horse and it threw off Feral. He then tried to hide in the city but was found by Ezra. He jumped over a fence and as Ezra tried to give pursuit but ran into the wall as his horse tried to jump over it. Hades found out at this point the monk had kept his word and so stopped Feral and told him to let him go. Feral reluctantly agreed and teleported the group to Hewnheim. From there they continued south so that they could reach the Gilded Marshes. On their way the group split up one taking the road and the other the plains. Feral and Trip Skank were confronted by a construct sent to hunt them down for helping break Do-Mah out of prison. Their only way to repent was to serve out his time in the prison and so they decided to fight the machine instead. Eventually Feral was able to bring it down and up with Poweraid and they decided to return to the road where Hades was being carried upon a platform by skeletons and Ezra was riding his pony. They reunited and continued down the road moving from town to town. However at one point they were confronted by a fire giant. The giant attacked the group and dealt heavy damage to a good number of them but it was eventually brought down by a stab to the neck by Trip Skank. Hades then sacrificed a number of his gnome skeletons and decided to raise the giant as a zombie. They made it to the Gilded Marshes without any more trouble and found their way to the temple described by Do-Mah. As they entered the temple they saw two large green flames and were confronted by two hooded figure who turned out to be medusas in disguise and attempt the turned the party to stone but to no avail. They saw two doors one to the right and another to the left. They entered the door to the right they cleared out both rooms and called it a day.



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