The Death of Demi Moore and Gatorade

After the death of Koth Rocky decided to hone his skills in the forest once again heading off on his own. Then Gatorade and Whisker descended from Koth’s nest and returned to the village and found Ezra waiting for them. Here Ezra helped Gatorade to buy a staff and in a couple days the chartered a boat heading back to the port city on Delmna. Here Whisker once again met with Advarowen and Scott who had been running Whisker’s Wares in their time away. For the next two months they set up shop with Gatorade helping to try and pay for a staff to replace the one broken by the megaraptors. They made just enough money and so Whisker was able to buy Gatorade his new staff. Then they returned to Banas and decided to trek across the tundra to try and make it back to Hewnheim and along their way they came across a gargantuan animated suit of armor. Gatorade walked straight by but Whisker shot off lightning at it and so it began to lumber towards him. The group defeated the armor and eventually made it back to Hewnheim. Here Whisker met up with his friend Trinket and they went out for drinks after Whisker was finished introducing himself to all the new people in the town. Here Gatorade was also made the VP of sales for Whisker’s Wares and helped to convince a girl to go out with Ezra. The date went fine but as they were about to leave for the Temple of Tiamat Gatorade convinced Demi Moore (The girl Connor accompanied them with to go with them as a second date.) She agreed and could not be swayed by Ezra saying that it wouldn’t be safe. As they went deeper and past the door behind the now powerless statue of Koth they came to three doors. Above the each of the doors there were words written in draconic the far left said, The Trial of Strength, the middle, The Trial of Agility, and the right, The Trial of Wisdom. However only Ezra and Whisker could read these and so Whisker tricked Gatorade and Demi into thinking that the doors said Fun Times, Peace and Love and Goofy Treasure (or something like that). They first went through the trial of strength where they were confronted by a gloom golem who caused the entire party to become filled with dread. Then Gatorade convinced Demi to try and slap it to death and she failed. Ezra rushed in to attack it but it was to no use as the clay body of the golem absorbed his strikes. The golem then knocked Demi unconscious and caused Gatorade to think he was less beautiful than Ezra which made him try and flee at which point he too was knocked unconscious. However Whisker pulled through and managed to cripple the beast and shocked it to death. The party then left to rest and heal their wounds. They opened the door to the next room and saw a mindflayer and suddenly they all felt a powerful pulsing force in their heads and all were stunned except for Whisker. Then the beast stuck all of it’s tentacles into Demi’s head and held her now unconscious body aloft. However Whisker once again pulled through for the team and incinerated the beast before more damage could be done. Ezra healed Demi and Gatorade just barely convinced her to keep going against Ezra’s wishes. Then they opened the door and saw a frozen giant man sitting in front of the next door and Gatorade told Demi that she should move him for them. She agreed but as she approached it the frost giant sprung to life and in one movement cleaved her in two. The giant then set to work on the others but they were eventually able to burn and cut the giant to death. In the next room they came across a large portal and Gatorade decided to test it by throwing the bodies of Demi and the giant through and asking what they could see. This didn’t work. The party then had to go through themselves but this was the room which held the statue of the next chosen, a blue dragon named Nar’Zek. They then left and returned to the room with the doors to the trials. They opened the door to the trial of agility and saw two giant spinning blades moving up and down the room. Gatorade made a mighty lead and made it over the blades and Ezra followed. Whisker sent Theodore through but as he tried to crawl through himself he was nicked by the blades. The next room seemed safe but as Gatorade threw a copper piece across fire began to shoot out of the wall. Then Gatorade decided to jump and as he did darts began to shoot out as a tripwire was set off but he was too fast and had already made it over the fire and through to the other side. Ezra too tried to jump the fire but failed and so took some damage. Then it was Whisker’s turn and and he tried his best to tumble through the fire scorched him. They saw the next room seemed safe even after Gatorade’s coin trick. However, as Whisker sent Theodore throughout most of the room many spikes started shooting up over and over and the little toad was nearly killed. Gatorade nimble avoided all of the spikes and made it to the chest and Ezra too made it with no harm but Whisker was impaled on a few spikes and was nearing death as they made it to the room with the portal to the dragon room. However they returned to the room and went through the room with the final trial. In this room were four pillars with buttons on them. As Gatorade pressed all of them many small water elementals were summoned many of whom were over killed by Whisker’s lighting. However eventually Gatorade pressed the buttons in the right order and so the door appeared. The next room held four chests and as Gatorade opened one and found a key Whisker proceeded to open the three others with magic and they turned out to be angry mimics. Gatorade opened the door while the other two fought the mimics and found a storeroom which he searched thorough and found another portal along with a chest. He opened the chest and then returned to fight the mimics one of whom had grappled Ezra and the other which was trying to grapple Whisker. However they were able to overcome even the magical treasure chests and so they decided to leave. Whisker then convinced them to go try and find monsters in the tundra and so as they were walking they were confronted by a Rhmorhaz which grabbed Gatorade with it’s mouth. However, as it had Gatorade in it’s jaws it became enraged which badly burned the poor monk and he died as he was swallowed by it along with all his equipment. Ezra then dealt the final blow to the beast whose heat melted his longsword as they were mourning the death of Gatorade they were approached by another monk whose name happened to be Poweraid the Deep and who said he was the cousin of the deceased Gatorade.



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