The Group Meets With Summoners

As they sat beside the body of the beast that had eaten Gatorade Ezra and Whisker finally decided it was time for them to part ways. As Ezra wandered off into the tundra Whisker sat and mourned the death of his best friend and VP of sales. But he didn’t have to wait long before another monk who was named Poweraid, who happened to be the cousin of Gatoraid, showed up at the grim place. Poweraid braved the still burning insides of the beast and was able to take up the quarterstaff which was unharmed during the ordeal. They returned to Hewnheim together and went into the inn where they found a young wizard named Feral Unicorn and once they left they found the druid Regulus. At this point Poweraid and Feral went out to lunch and got a partial discount by summoning spiders and complaining about it to the owner. During this time Whisker went to Illioni who asked him to follow him through a trap door. They entered a room where Illioni revealed himself to be a bronze dragon who fought with the chosen long ago and that his mate is still being held in the deepest part of the temple. He also told Whisker that the fourth of the chosen was residing in the court of the Tala empire while the final was on the elemental plane of fire. He also showed Whisker a sword which has been storing the power of the chosen which have been killed and he has told Whisker that if he helps him that he can take the item. They then left and found Poweraid and Feral rummaging though the bookstore and Whisker told them to leave and so they began going towards the Ithiall mountains so that they can make it to the desert. As they walked through the tundra they came across a pair of frost salamanders. Everything was going fine up until the point where Regulus ended up entangling the majority of the group but not the salamanders. As the salamanders approached Whisker became more and more desperate as the auras of the salamanders slowly froze Scott. However the group was able to defeat the salamanders before any casualties occurred and so went onwards. They eventually came to the Plains of Ahlan. There they were attacked by an invisible ogre mage who attacked but Feral heard it and was able to stick it in place with a web spell. However at this point a fight broke out between Whisker and Regulus and so after Regulus shot lightning at Whisker he retaliated and killed him by attacking him with his greatest fear. They slew the ogre mage after the incident and moved onwards and ran into and defeated a drider and a few spiders along with it. They passed through a town and afterwards began to search the fields for creatures to fight. They eventually ran into a hill giant and it’s band of dire wolves. They used many tactics in order to defeat the giant. They kept moving towards the Ithiall Mountains and so eventually they came to the gate to the mountain empire of the gnomes. Here the guards wouldn’t let the party in but Poweraid just began to leap over the guards and caused commotion in the city. The guards then told Whisker that they couldn’t let the group in because of a problem with demons being summoned and they couldn’t let anyone in so the problem wouldn’t let any outsiders in until things were resolved. They then flattered Whisker into helping them and so the Gnome Snurr lead them to the lair where the devils had been coming from. As they started into the dungeon Poweraid convinced Snurr to come in with them but Whisker promised him that he would be protected. They entered and saw three little kittens rolling around. Feral approached them and sensing a trap wasn’t surprised when they turned into imps. They fought the imps and with the help of celestial beetles they killed them. They went into the next room and were confronted by a trio of bearded devils. One was killed after being stunned by Poweraid’s fist and then being dissolved. After this the other two tried summoning more devils and one succeeded. Suddenly there were three summoners all going at it with Feral summoning more and more bears to attack the remaining devils and another druid named Rogalus came in and began summoning dire weasels. At this point there were three summoners and almost all the space in the room was filled. Now Whisker was going to prove himself to Snurr and started shooting lightning and destroying devils and summoned animals alike while he himself was blinking around everywhere. When the dust (and lightning) settled the adventurers were victorious and the devils destroyed.



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