The long haul ends

The group was approached by Captain Falcon as the battle for the capital came near. They told them of their quest to kill the blue dragon who was controlling the puppet king. In response to this the Captain decided to lend them a few wyverns so that they could attempt to assault the castle more directly. As the battle progressed the party made it to the castle unharmed and started moving down from the rooftops. They fought parties of guards patrolling the inner reaches of the castle and eventually made their way to a large door. They opened the door and saw a lone samurai whom the fought and managed to bring down. While looking around the ornate hall after the fight a stay rock hit the castle, knocking loose a part of the ceiling and though no one was hurt they decided it was a good idea to move on to the next room. Here the saw the puppet king himself along with two more of the specialized guards. They thought they were in for another big fight but at the last moment Captain Falcon broke through the glass dome with two guards of his own. They exchanged pleasantries as he told them to move on towards their true objective through the door to the last room. Here they were greeted slightly less enthusiastically with a breath of lightning from the dragon himself which made them appreciated the fact they had prepared for this. They fought the dragon and through a combination of strength and a falling slap of stone combined with a flaming sword were able to bring down their foe. They emerged triumphant and took their spoils. They then flew back with Captain Falcon and his men where they were awarded the rank of honorary lieutenant and thank for their contribution to the war effort. They then managed to convince Hotrod to continue helping them by teleporting them to the Gnomish capital to sell their goods. They finally teleported to the border of the Kuthnel empire and began to make the long march back to Hewnheim. Here they were assaulted by a trio of vampires but managed to fend off the undead with little effort and continued on.


What about the flaming spheres! I used so many of them.

The long haul ends

Also, well done.

The long haul ends

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