The Party Chooses a Side

The Chad ran off into the desert leaving behind his new comrades as he had done so many times before. Poweraid then woke up upon the roof and jumped down. To his surprise he came across Feral who had been following the group at a distance after collecting the ashes of Whisker. Ezra also wandered in and joined the reformed group. Also another gnome wandered in and began asking questions about the strange band and eventually caught up to them. They learned that this was Whisker’s estranged uncle who had left Whisker to the sorcerer who trained him because he didn’t think he could take care of a child. He had wandered the world and returned to hear stories of his nephew and so came searching for him. He learned of Whisker’s death and so agreed to team up with his friends in order to try and revive Whisker. Just then they were approached by Rocky who was thrilled to learn of Whisker’s death and agreed to go with them to try and make himself more powerful. The group decided to travel south towards the border city on Poweraid’s request. On their way the group was ambushed by a gigantic scorpion. In a grueling battle Feral was almost killed but before more poison was shot into him Ezra managed to kill the thing with a power-slide across it’s belly with his flaming sword. Rocky took the carapace to the beast and added it to his growing collection and they found so small amount of gold in it’s hole. After a while of walking they came to the city to find it filled with tents on every side. Most of the group went into the city but Poweraid split off to look for general McArthur and try and win his friendship. Managing to convince the guards to let him into McArthur’s tent to tell the general about the attempt on Watermack’s life he was lead to the largest tent in the encampment. Here he brought news of the attempt and managed to convince those inside that he was sent by Watermack with the message. Poweraid then went on to say that he wished to help McArthur in his fighting and so was given a stone with which McArthur could communicate with him if need be. Poweraid then went off to town to join the others. Most of them spent the time looking for various shops but in a stroke of amazing happenstance Feral managed to find a girl who was not put off by his multitude of oddities. She was a gnoll but this did not bother Feral and she was in fact well kept with silky fur and a slim physique. Feral introduced her to his friends who were taken back by the fact Feral managed to get a girlfriend but couldn’t tell why she likes him. She was also a fairly well off gnoll and had some standing within the city which made Feral predisposed to want to free the gnolls. However Nickleflip, Whisker’s uncle, found the group a quest to help a gnoll regain the name and treasure of his disgraced family who’s keep had been taken over by raiders after being abandoned. The group approached the keep and with the help of Nickleflip’s scouting they were able to take out the gargoyle guards quickly. Nickleflip then snuck inside and saw a pair of chimeras with an ogre tamer. He attempted to attack the tamer but was seen by one of the two chimeras who attacked. The rest of the group ran in and were able to overtake the orge and his pets but not without taking some damage.



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