The Party Learns the Value of a Sneak Attack

The group continued further into the devil’s lair without the druid who wandered off again. On their way they encountered chain devils and devils which turned one of Feral’s celestial lions into a drooling idiot but couldn’t achieve the same results with Poweraid before they were slain. Then the group opened a door to find a beautiful winged woman waiting for them. She told them that she was in fact an angle but Poweraid sensed something was off and accused her of lying and so the erinyes attacked. They fought bravely but before she could be slain she teleported to a different area of the dungeon. In a rush to find her Poweraid and Whisker ran into a pair of chain devils and imps while Feral used his summoned creatures to try and find where she had teleported to. Partway through the battle a bear discovered a storeroom and Poweraid ran all the way there up in six seconds. While this was happening Whisker enfeebled the remaining chain devil and started to mess around with it. Feral came in and finished the chain devil off but not before Poweraid discovered a secret door in the storeroom which lead to a chest as well as a secret door to the erinyes’ room. The group decided it was time to rest and afterwards they continued to explore the dungeon. They found and killed some lemures who were pushing a large wooden device and after dispatching them they burned the device which caused a strange humming sound to come to a stop. Next the group peered into a large hallway where they saw a halfling and the erinyes looking angrily at what seemed to be an empty gateway. They closed the door deciding it would be better to finish searching the dungeon before they attacked the two inside. In the one remaining room they saw a chest with a kitten sitting on top. Whisker strutted forward only to be grabbed by two tentacles which erupted from the walls and began tearing him apart. Eventually Feral and Poweraid were able to pry the tentacles off of the wounded Whisker and they approached the chest. Sensing yet another trap Whisker began to curb-stomp the kitten which, after breaking two of its legs decided it was not an imp and felt bad. Poweraid bandaged the kitten who only liked him from then on. Next they returned to the room and attacked in force dealing massive damage to the halfling and erinyes. They tried to fight back and the halfling summoned a fiendish giant crocodile but even this was not enough and so they triumphantly returned with Snurf as the witness to their heroic acts. The gnomish city gave them discounts and so they decided to stay for a while. While in the city they bought more equipment and in the two months they were they managed to sell everything in Whisker’s Wares making Whisker a tidy profit. Also they went to a party at Snurf’s house and when he got bored of this Poweraid left and found a gnome who wanted to duel anyone willing to fight him. Poweraid attempted this but was forced to back off before he fell unconscious. Whisker had better luck however and was able to force the duelist Poket to admit defeat. Whisker then took Poket out for drinks and they convinced him to travel with them. Poweraid once again went out into the city but this time he saw a group of young gnome monks beating on another gnome and after driving them off he help the poor beaten gnome to the cathedral in the town where he was healed and Poweraid and Feral made generous donations to the cathedral which was much appreciated. They then left, after Feral dueled and defeated Poket, to find the source of the monks and came to the monastery of Do-Mah. They entered and after a short conversation with the eldest monk in the first room Whisker constricted the entire room with the same tentacles which had nearly felled him earlier. The group then split into two groups, Whisker going with Poket and Feral with Poweraid. The adventure ended with them still in the temple having defeated many of the monks and working their way deeper into the monastery gaining tons of experience along the way.



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