The Split

Feral teleported away from the dungeon at this point but at that very moment Trip Skank and Ezra appeared. Fought a girallon who tore chunks out of Ezra. They then waited for a couple days. After this the group began to climb the first tower and after a fight with a Nessian warhound fought and defeated one of the sorcerers who had accompanied the half-dragon. They retraced their steps but in the main hall a pair of giant crocodiles and brown bears had taken up living. However Rocky and Rogulus also showed up and together they were defeated. Rocky then skinned the two crocodiles and the one useable bear which Hades rose as his servant. The group moved into the next room where they were confronted by a trio of girallons who they dispatched. In the next room the remaining trio of Rocky, Hades and Rogulus, Poweraid, Ezra and Trip Skank having chosen to wait in the main hall, fought a pair of grey renders who were killed but not before Rogulus burned a hole in the ceiling. Next they decided to move out and form their own group because none of them had any inclination to rescue Whisker.



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