The Story Up to This Point

Ok so from the beginning the pair of Whisker and Ezra found each other along a road. They followed the road north and arrived at the village of Hewnheim where they heard of a temple located in the forest nearby and Whisker nearly died due to trying to leave Ezra behind. They arrived at a temple and found it was to the dragon Goddess Tiamat and fought a wight and pulled a level which opened a staircase in the large chamber. They went down the stairs and found a stature of a White Dragon named Tydek who was called the first of the chosen which was magically sealed. They returned to Hewnheim and learned from the librarian that Tydek was a white dragon who was a leader of a few tribes of kolbolds near where the Guth River met the Awred Mountains. They infiltrated and killed one of the villages of kolbolds on their way to the lair of Tydek. Upon arriving at the lair of Tydek the killed the first kolbold chieftain and grabbed his key and moved on deeper into the lair. As they moved on the barbarian Rocky showed up and started to go the opposite way clearing out the other side of the dungeon. After killing the second chief and taking the second key the adventures met up for the first time and rested before taking on the third and final chief and taking the final key. Now ready to confront Tydek they walked into his room and Whisker proceeded to jump on the gong tile many times over. Due to this as they walked in Tydek fell upon both Rocky and Ezra attacking them with his frozen breath. After the final blow was struck to the incapacitated Tydek by the Rocky Punch the group proceeded to strip the dragon of everything except guts and three legs. They then exited and on the walk through the tundra to the city of Siber Rocky cleanly cut down a Manticore who attacked the group they arrived at the small farming town of Siber where Whisker ordered his own wagon and bought the riding dog Scott while Ezra bought a pony and Rocky scared a man into giving him his belt to attach his various pelts to. As a final act as a group they were attacked by and killed a Winter Wolf while waiting for the wagon to be created. At this point Rocky set out on his own path while Whisker and Ezra made their way back to Hewnheim with the newly opened Whisker’s Wares. The two arrived to find the town had expanded and Whisker made a deal with the gnome Trinket to help sell his wares. After their time in the town they returned to the Temple of Tiamat and walked through the now open door behind the statue of Tydek. In this lower level of the temple they walked and by acting with godlike ability Whisker not only stopped a huge snake from crushing him but also felled it in only two blows. In the room with the snake they found a shrine with a hole in it and after trying to stick just about everything into it Whisker finally inserted the ceremonial dagger which opened a steel door for underwater earlier in the temple. This once again lead to more stairs and the two found yet another statue and blocked door this time of a black dragon called Firfnir second of the chosen and another magically bound door. The two once again left and returned to Hewnheim where they learned from the librarian that Firfnir was said to live in the Gilded Marshes where he was terrorizing the townsfolk of the province. Whisker and Ezra then departed for the town of Banas where they caught a ferry to take them to the marshes. When they arrived they found the town themselves in the town of Difeild where the effects of Firfnir’s attacks were evident with parts of the town burnt with acid. Since no one in the town knew where Firfnir lived exactly they decided to go searching for the Gilded Rangers who protected the Marshes but whose camps were littered and secret through the marshes. The two adventurers eventually found such a camp and were able to get the location of the lair from one of the rangers stationed there. They returned to Difeild where Whisker found himself a girlfriend in the form of the gnome Advarowen while Ezra failed miserably at hitting on girls. They then found a ferry to Stafite which was closer to Firfnir’s lair. Stafite was almost destroyed and they were forced to take a rowboat to the island were Firfnir made his lair. They arrived and set up camp but Ezra was nearly mauled to death by a Shadow Mastiff who attack in the night. After healing the two started into the swampy ruins where Firfnir made his lair. The two had a fearsome battle with a seven headed hydra which nearly killed them as well as, with Whisker’s luck, nearly killed itself. However they defeated the hydra and opened the door to Firfnir by placing the sun moon and star stones in the right places. This was also a first because Whisker decided to look for traps and so they avoided their first trap during their dungeon delving. Whisker attempted to coax the dragon by saying he admired it but eventually it began shooting acid which hit both party members and with a second shot melted through the door. The duo where however able to defeat Firfnir and so left him dungeon in their rowboat. They sailed north and arrived at the town of Kliden where they found the lord of the town and he told them that this was the territory of the Kuthnel empire. They then began exploring the town and after his many failed attempts at finding women Ezra found a boyfriend very quickly. While Ezra was off doing this Whisker went to a bar which he became determined to buy. Whisker however was 1300gp short of the price of the bar and so ran in on Ezra who was making out with his boyfriend and they had a huge argument which lead to the arrest of and eventual bailout of Whisker who at this point decided not to buy the bar. Whisker and Ezra who decided to leave his boyfriend then returned to Difeild where they met up with Advarowen, Scott, Kaoro (Ezra’s pony) and the Whisker’s Ware’s wagon. They then took a boat back north to Banas and eventually returned to Hewnheim which they found had expanded again. Advarowen was demmanding the best hotel room there was while the other two were off at the temple. Whisker however struck a deal with the innkeeper who gave her the maid’s room but she was somehow convinced it was in fact the best room and she was grateful to Whisker. Then the two left and found the door behind Firfnir’s statue was no longer shut off to the world. They entered and found four braziers which they lit along with a giant which they slew and, as Whisker pointed out is everywhere, a storeroom. After lighting the braziers the found yet another staircase and when the descended they found themselves face to face with an Allosaurus which, despite it’s best attempts, was felled while trying to swallow Ezra whole. They then walked down the stairs and found the stature of the third of the chosen, Koth the Green Dragon. They then returned to Hewnheim and so they once again asked the librarian for the whereabouts of Koth found that a dragon of that name was said to live on the Forgotten Isle. The two once again had to travel to Banas in order to catch a boat but couldn’t find any going directly to the Forgotten Isle however they did find a ship which would take them to the large trading island of Delmna. They arrived in Delmna and found it to be a much larger city than either of them expected. Whisker used this time to try and sell and much of his wares as possible and further his time with Advarowen taking her out many times to places throughout the city. Ezra on the other hand once again tried his luck with the women of the city which ended up being so bad that he not only had no luck with any women but ended up having his genitals disfigured had half of his money stolen and being left near death bleeding in the street to be found by Whisker and Advarowen so he decided to give up for a while. After around around four months they chartered a boat for the Forgotten Isle and Whisker left Advarowen with a golden pearl ring and told her to keep up the shop while he was out. They finally arrived at the Forgotten Isle at a barbarian village where Whisker disguised himself as a dwarf and tried to punch one of the barbarians who turned out to be much more fearsome than any of the others. After asking around for the whereabouts of Koth he was pointed to a small hut where he found an old man accompanied by the large barbarian from before. The old man saw through Whisker’s clever disguise and so Whisker showed his true from and asked about Koth. However the old man wouldn’t give them the location of Koth without proving themselves to him. To do this they could either bring a live megaraptor, find and bring a megaraptor egg or fell a t-rex. His son, the large barbarian who was named Var-Nek then showed them to the forest where they would be able to try their luck. However while they were making camp they were set upon by the t-rex in the woods and so attempted to run where they eventually came face to face with a megaraptor. As the raptor was attempting to escape through the brush they knocked it unconscious but at that moment the t-rex appeared in their area. Whisker made the decision that their best option would be to light the forest on fire and so shot a lightning bolt through the brush. This succeeded in scaring off the large dinosaur but the fire was spreading fast. The two did their best to drag the dinosaur back to where Var-Nek was standing but right as they made the final step to leave through the burning woods the fires just barely killed the dinosaur which they needed so badly. At that moment the old man arrived and caused a deluge which put out the fire Whisker had started. They returned to the village empty handed and so the old man told them there was one other test which they could try to pass in order to find the lair of Koth. Ezra agreed to try this which was a test of being beat upon by members of the tribe for a set amount of time without falling unconscious himself. Ezra failed this and Whisker tried his hand but he also failed. Then, by giving the old man some money, Whisker had the amount of people doing the beating lowered and so Ezra was just barely able to endure the test. Whisker however kicked him into unconsciousness and dragged him to a hot spring. Then Whisker convinced some of the tribeswomen to have sex with Ezra after he woke up and one of the two is now pregnant. Then Whisker and Ezra finally are being shown the way to the mountain where Koth lives and are ready to leave after having killed yet another megaraptor while off in the wild.



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